Did you know that:

                • musical training has been shown to be a general aid to memory?
                • this means that music training enhances the ability to learn?
                • musical training in childhood can also increase IQ.
                • as a result, piano tuition can significantly improve children’s school results?
                • playing the piano is not only relaxing but also makes people happy?
                • playing a musical instrument helps to develop higher self-esteem?

Playing a musical instrument tests coordination of 4 senses simultaneously as well as logic, basic maths, manual dexterity, powers of retention and application, aptitude, stamina and above all long-term tenacity. It is therefore no coincidence that it is internationally recognised and accepted as a key barometer of intelligence.

Ultimately, learning a musical instrument is a rewarding and enjoyable long-term vocation and life-long skill. However, it is a discipline which takes the commitment and persistence of 8-10 years to become reasonably proficient.

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